Before the Morning Turns to Dusk

Empty room, empty head

You feel like going back to bed

But you’ll see that the sun keeps moving on

Across the sky, no looking back


Still you hope, you hope that time will wait for you

You sit in your dreams, refusing to move

Well I’ve got bad news for you

I’ve got bad news for you


Time comes telling you to pack your bags and leave

On a train bound to the city of the unseen

You’d better grab your coat to keep you from the cold

Of the lonely and unknown

Of the grief and the moans


Leave, leave the comfort of a past

just a game of pretend that will never last

Go, go, go find yourself the truth

Before you forget to ask

Before the morning turns to dusk


D Em G D


I felt like writing a song after listening to this composer that really amazed me, every song he wrote described a situation so perfectly and beautifully. I wanted to try writing about someone who doesn’t want to move on. From something. Anything really.

You know, that feeling you get when you just want to lie down and not have the world move on, or go on about its own business. When you just want time to stop for a while. But it can’t, and it never will.


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