In His Hands

Today as I was walking down a path alone, I managed to recognise a really familiar face even though I didn’t say Hi. It was one of those pass and go, Oh Look, moments. She was just someone I knew from really long ago, and in my mind, I was thinking how miraculous bumping into someone you knew by coincidence was.

Of all places, of all times, it was then.

And I thought (Keeping in mind that I was alone at that time so I was thinking about things quite a lot), well, life is like that too isn’t? There could have been so many other different outcomes, possibilities of how your particular life could have played out. 

There were so many things that played a part in a chain of events that led to how I’m living my life right now.

If I hadn’t done this, I would have never met this person. If I had never met this person, I wouldn’t have chosen that.  If I hadn’t chosen that, I would have never learned something really important. If I hadn’t learned something important, I would have made this really big mistake. If I had made this really big mistake, my life would be really different right now. Something like that, what I mean by chain of events.

Life feels so fragile and dependant on things we can’t control.

It’s kinda scary if you don’t believe that there’s someone out there who’s taking care of those uncontrollable things. Making sure that you turn out okay. (Actually better than okay)

So today I am thankful that I can have peace because my life is in God’s hands. As long as I do my best for Him, of course.




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