Recently I’ve been somewhat of an acting coach even though I can’t act for nuts.

It’s kinda like writing a story! Which I haven’t done in a long time.

Having to give characters some sort of life so that it looks more authentic on camera.

Their hopes and dreams and fears.
The kind of people they are.

Because who they are really affects how they interact.

Writing a script is hard. Making sure the people who act it out understand what I’m looking for is even harder. The way someone says a sentence can give it so much more definition. Pacing, and dramatic pauses, dragging of certain words, how you’d end off a sentence in that kind of soft, quiet impact.

This is really quite fun.

Except….for the fact that it’s a romance. Between two guys. I don’t know what to think. Well, it’s kinda sad. In the storyline, they have their hopes and dreams of finding a home together dashed by discrimination and prejudice.

And there’s a lot of emphasis on all the hate they get.

Honestly, it’s a touchy topic. It’s not wrong to love someone of the same sex, it’s just when it turns sexual that it becomes wrong…right?

I think most people just confuse the idea of love.

Well anyway, the message is more of don’t hate, rather than supporting homosexuality. Yup.


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