This year, I think God is really trying to teach me how to depend on Him and no one else.

I’ve always said I wanted to be someone strong. But I forget that strength comes not from me, but from Him.

Some days, things don’t feel right and I end up feeling empty, and like there’s something missing inside of me.

I feel a little of it now.

And I know it’s because I’m too dependent on all the wrong things.

How do you depend on God though?

It’s not like He’s a physical being that’s always by your side all the time.

As I was on the double decker bus back from school, I thought about that.

Maybe it’s a matter of putting yourself in the right perspective towards everything. A perspective where God is near your heart. With everything that happens, everything you do, everything you go through, to always know and remember that God is there. Somehow problems become smaller. Somehow some things you really want don’t seem that important anymore. And somehow you realise what’s most important in the end.

I’m going to try to do that. Whenever I feel that emptiness, to just remember God. Instead of turning to other things.

Because this emptiness is really not a nice feeling at all. Insecurity.

Security. That’s what’s missing.


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