There are times when I remember something so vividly that the present just slips quietly away into a corner of my mind. It’s quite a magical feeling. You lose sense of time. Everything. And the memory often jumps into another, and another. But some days you have to search really hard for them. I don’t […]

That Kid.

Everyone kinda pities me because I’m paired up with the ‘problem’ kid. That kid. The one that climbs all over the chairs and won’t ever sit still. The kid that won’t listen or answer your questions properly. The one you’d have to carry back to the chair.  Sometimes I really wonder what’s on his mind. […]


Just started on a book Bro John lent me. It’s called ‘Too busy not to pray’ with the NOT highlighted.  I’m not really the best when it comes to prayer. Well, okay no one’s the best in prayer, but I’m not very good at it. The book starts off saying that prayer is unnatural.  I haven’t […]

Some nights

  There are different kinds of nights. Some nights feel peaceful. Some nights feel painful. Even though it’s filled with the same kind of music.   It’s raining again and I’m left in a cardboard box by the road side.  And I still have no idea where I am. What I’m supposed to do. Where […]

Music is kinda like a friend What am I doing here Swallow up the conversations Fill up the shallowness A shadow that follows but it becomes my light I sit further away To fade into my own adventures It overcomes like the waves on the sand Crashing into reality, breaking everything that’s supposed to be […]

Thinking about sad things is okay

I always feel privileged when someone decides to trust me. Even though I felt really burdened with the need to rush back home to study on saturday, I knew it was right to make time to listen and just be there for someone. I was a little surprised that she would want to eat with […]


Was walking around and saw a violinist playing really well. So I stopped and watched him for a while. The violin can either sound like a whiny, slaughtered chicken or this rich, magical flowing of music. I tried learning how to play the one my aunt gave me, and I think I sounded more like […]

Emptiness in the Making

Had one of those late night conversations. And suddenly felt like writing a poem!   Falling but not knowing Where we’re really going It’s just a sad state   Singing but not showing What we’re really feeling It’s just a sad song   Loving but not giving Kindess with any meaning It’s not love at […]

Alone time 2

I tried to be a bit more comfortable with them today. But when they went on to study at the library I kinda just declined politely. And as we were walking, I just sort of slipped in front a little so I could be alone. I don’t know. I just really didn’t feel like talking. […]

Anti-social butterfly

I’ve made the decision to try to get out of my comfort zone from time to time.  Socialise a little more.  I find myself getting quieter and quieter as the days go by in class.  And some days I end up sitting alone and listening to music on my laptop before class. While everyone else […]