Alone time

I never thought I’d ever feel like being alone every once in a while.

We’ll not completely alone. Just with music. And my thoughts.

There’s just this certain peace when you are.

You don’t actually have to do anything.

And it’s the only time when you get to talk to yourself, reflect.

When you remember that your own thoughts still exist somewhere, when you’re aware of yourself.

I like that feeling, pulling my hoodie over and shoving my hands into the front pocket, walking.

Suddenly you’re the only one in the world, and a lot of things don’t matter as much.

And music, music’s really important for alone time. It’s something that you can fully appreciate when you’re not interacting with anyone.

Close your eyes, lean against a wall, shut out everything and just fill yourself up with it. Music, I mean.

Maybe it’s that self awareness that makes it feel cool. When you’re with yourself…I don’t know!! Just something.


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