Maybe they’re not too lost yet

Is it possible to lose a part of ourselves forever? Hmmmm. What does it mean, to lose parts of ourselves? When you’re no longer able to do certain things or if you don’t feel the same way about things anymore. A hobby, or memories. I guess it depends on what we consider as ‘ourselves’. I […]

Thoughts on a Saturday

Whenever I think of the new school semester coming up, I just can’t help but feel a little apprehensive. Well, really, the only thing that’s troubling me is the fact that we have to group ourselves again. Thing is, this time, everyone kinda knows who they want to be with and who they would absolutely […]


It really is a privilege to be able to listen to someone talk about their problems and what they’re thinking and what’s troubling them. No matter how small that window inside them is. On this cold, rainy, night, I feel really grateful for that unexpected opportunity. Friends are so important. Best¬†friends. I got to witness […]

Do you trust me?

Honestly, I don’t know if I can say I trust you completely. There’s still that lingering doubt. I don’t know. I used to be able to trust people really easily. You know, sometimes you just want to believe that everyone you meet is a good person inside. I mean, who’d want to harm anyone? Why […]


Today das shook my hand and hugged me before going off:DDDD When a child hugs you just melt inside and every misbehaviour he had before doesn’t count anymore. It just washed away. There’s nothing quite like it.


Seeing all these books as I walk past shelf after shelf of stories really got me inspired again to write one. It’s been a while. But I always get a little spark, no matter how tiny it may be whenever I see lots and lots of books


Had an idea for a drawing but I think I’ll write about it first before I draw anything. My fears? Haven’t really thought about them in a while. The list needs a little updating actually. I’m not that much afraid of the things I used to be afraid of. Well the physical things. I’m not […]

Finding Gold

I get extremely excited when I find a whole album that’s just pure gold, I was jumping into my parent’s room letting them hear some of the songs and my mom said, “Why, indie again ah.” I really really really can’t wait to listen to this on the train, sway a little to it and […]

Dream Log #16

I really should have written it down in the morning because now I’ve forgotten almost 68%-ish percent of it. I guess I’ll write key words so that when I read back I’d probably recall a faint memory of it. Canyon beside the sea. fell from rocky cliff. Enemy soldiers chasing. Got shot. Escaped into castle […]