Jenga Tower

Disappointments suck really bad.

I mean you get your hopes up one minute and you feel light and happy and the next it all comes tumbling down like Jenga blocks inside of you.

And someone says something that prompts you to pick up the pieces one by one and soon enough you’ve nearly almost completed your tower again but someone slips a piece out and it all comes crashing down once more.

This keeps happening over and over…You kinda just want to give up putting the pieces back together again, huh?

Just leave it as it is, accept it, stop playing the game.

It’s better that way. You don’t have to feel the crash anymore.

It’s not a bad thing. I think. Not having expectations. (Of course it’s a different thing altogether with expectations of yourself, but that’s another matter) Not expecting anything out of anyone or situations and just letting yourself go through it without disappointments.

Take what happens as it is, don’t hope for something you’re never gonna get. Or expect things that may not happen no matter how nice it feels.

I’m not sure if I can say I’m an innately negative person. I guess my thoughts can be pretty negative at times, but when it comes to situations and people, I tend to hope for the best first. What someone’s going to say, the slightest chance that something good will happen or if things will turn around for the better. But sometimes they are just ridiculously impossible, and yet I still get my hopes up. Which is pretty stupid actually.

I’m just setting myself up for a crumble. And I don’t know what I’m doing.


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