Dream Log #16

I really should have written it down in the morning because now I’ve forgotten almost 68%-ish percent of it.

I guess I’ll write key words so that when I read back I’d probably recall a faint memory of it.

Canyon beside the sea. fell from rocky cliff. Enemy soldiers chasing. Got shot. Escaped into castle of enemy. Old korean style castle. sneaking into different rooms. With another girl. Dressed up as one of the castle maidens while the other girl stole a soldiers uniform. the korean kind. I wore that Han bok thing and the other girl had that armour the Mulan guy wore. and the other girl’s hair was tied into a bun. Then we split ways. I had to try to blend in with the other maidens. I remembered thinking I looked nice in the korean dress hahaha. We had to pick out an instrument to practice on. Instruments like the erhu, or the qi pa. there was this ukelele in a corner which no one knew how to play and I picked that and they were all impressed by my playing. I think I woke up then.


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