Had an idea for a drawing but I think I’ll write about it first before I draw anything.

My fears?

Haven’t really thought about them in a while. The list needs a little updating actually.

I’m not that much afraid of the things I used to be afraid of. Well the physical things. I’m not really afraid of a lot of physical things actually.

It’s the stuff on the inside that’s the real deal.

I’m scared of being nothing. Thrown away. Forgotten. Who isn’t actually. Especially by the people who mean the most to you.

I think this sort of thing can be really haunting if it becomes a suspicion.

I guess that’s why it’s important to not rely on people for security. People change. And you never know.

I’m scared of losing things. Friends. love. Something that I used to hold. Something that I used to be. Well who isn’t afraid of losing something precious to them actually.

I’m really afraid of the unknown. Not knowing what’s gonna happen. I guess it’s because I’m forced to make my own assumptions on things and my assumptions are usually pretty negative. And negative assumptions about things are horrible.

But I think these three are the ones that most of humanity shares that I’m most afraid of.

Maybe your fears tell you what you feel are most important to you,


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