It really is a privilege to be able to listen to someone talk about their problems and what they’re thinking and what’s troubling them.

No matter how small that window inside them is.

On this cold, rainy, night, I feel really grateful for that unexpected opportunity.

Friends are so important. Best friends. I got to witness that kind of friendship today. It’s a little bit of an insight.

It’s just very heartwarming!

For some reason my sentences now are really short.

I remember I said something along the lines of how the people you meet are always unexpected in a post a long time ago.

You’d never expect that you’d get to know certain people in a certain way. Does that make sense? It’s like, how if I were in primary six, I’d never expect to get to be so close to Wei Qian, who was a classmate I hardly talked to. Even though I’ve been in the same cell as Darren for I don’t know how long but very long, who would have thought that … HAHA yeah, things and that. And before I started working in Singapore Discovery Centre, I’d never expect to meet friends that I’d actually be close with.

That kind of thing! It’s just really crazy.

I think time spent on connecting with people is really time well spent. And by connecting I don’t just mean chit chat on the surface with just all the happy things and the laughter, but also everything underneath.

I think that’s what I feel is really missing from my friendships in Poly. There isn’t much of the underneath part with most people (Except for Ivy and Samuel but Samuel doesn’t really like the underneath part)

Maybe it takes time. I don’t know. A lot of time has passed already. Or maybe I just didn’t put in enough effort like what Samuel said. But I don’t know, sometimes, effort on my part just isn’t enough.

Yeah, I guess you can’t really be close with everyone. Maybe I’m being a little too greedy, and I’m expecting too much.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling what I’ve been feeling most of last semester.


And how hard it is to get the trust of someone. And also how hard it is to trust them to in return. It’s harder to trust someone who doesn’t trust you back, see.

Anyways, yeah, I guess it does take time. And effort.

Maybe someday. Just someday.


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