Some parts of life feel perfect.

I guess its the highroad. It feels like that now. It’s as if nothing can ever go wrong and you’re invincible. Nothing plague’s my mind. Nothing haunts me. Sad thoughts wash away so easily because the present is all that really matters.

But it’s also moments like these when God kinda gets placed on a shelf and you feel like you don’t see Him as much even though he’s always there.

It’s a bit like how it’s only when you’re in trouble that help comes. It’s only when you’re in the dumps that you feel like you have to rely on God the most.

I’m wondering why God is allowing me to feel happy and peaceful.

Because I feel like I’m just round the corner of something really terrible happening. Or if I make some huge mistake and screw everything up. It’s paranoia.

Maybe instead of wondering, I should just be thankful. Grateful.

That’s one thing I want to try to adopt. Being grateful for every day. It’s hard, it’s not something that’s natural to me. But it’s something that I want to try doing. And not only in the good times but the bad times too.

I realised.

Thankfulness is a funny thing. When people who don’t believe in a higher power say that they are thankful for things that no other human is responsible for, it’s kinda strange isn’t it?

When people say they’re thankful for a sunset, or a good day, or ‘lucky’ situations, it shows that we all have an innate gratefulness to something bigger than this world.

Everything sort of changes when you have an attitude of thanksgiving, because one, you don’t give credit to yourself, and two, you don’t take for granted the simple joys in life and the hard lessons to learn.

The way you see things, situations, and people changes,

You change, too I guess.

Okay it’s not a guess, it’s a fact.

But anyways, instead of it being I thought I shall declare my promise in written words.


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