Dream log #17

I’m in this shopping mall, it’s kinda like parkway parade just that it’s completely empty and the whole place is under construction. I’m working there, and I’m just fooling around and playing on this metal scaffolding, Climbing and carefully making my way around. It’s really high up so it’s pretty scary, and you could see the drop through the gaps between the metal planks.

Then I made my way back down and went back to work. Everyone was around my age, and I remember Chloe was in one of the groups.

They needed someone to join the other workers downstairs in construction, so I volunteered because no one wanted to.

It was really stuffy and hot, and the people there were all the typical kind of construction workers. I talked to one of them, who looked North Indian. And he told me that he still hadn’t gotten his pay yet after a year of working. I asked him if he was using his money to study, and I think he said yes.

I can’t remember what happened here, but I left and I was walking along this pathway next to a large canal. On the other side of the canal was a carnival fairground. The grass was really bright and green and the sun was golden and the sky was so blue. There were children on the other side, lined up in a straight line along the edge of the canal. Each of them held a kite in their hands and they were laughing and giggling. It was such a nice sight and I took out my phone to take a picture of their silhouettes against the sky.

But just as I was about to snap a photo, they each took a leap, one by one starting from the first kid in line, and they soared high into the sky.

Then I saw Chloe walking along on the other side of the canal with a group of other youths, and I shouted across to her,”CHLOE look!!!” And pointed to the children who were now somersaulting and dancing in the sky with their kites

“What?!” She yelled and I said that they were Peter Pan children. Because you know, they fly just like Peter Pan.

That’s the last I remember.

And I woke up repeating everything again and again to myself so that if remember it.


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