Dear God, please help me.

Help me to only lean on you.

No one else

Nothing else

Just you.

I’ve gone on for too long wandering and waiting and hoping for the wrong things.

I want to truly surrender it all. My hopes and my dreams. Help me to let them go.

It’s not about me anymore.

It still hurts.

But it’s okay.

It’s my fault.

I just need to let go. And to accept anything that you have in store for me knowing that it is good.

Let me take comfort in you.

Let me take joy in you.

And not be Emo about this. I’m not gonna make the same mistake anymore. I’m going to be joyful about this. Not depressed. That’s what I did wrong. OKAY JOY.

And not spend my time wanting to be alone and depressed. Use my time wisely. OKAY.




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