Making Things

It’s really so so so cool how music can make you feel and imagine something.

light notes could sound like the sea, or the stars, or moonlight.

Minor scales sound eerie.

or sad.

I wish I knew more about music to compose exactly what I wanted.

I like making things. Creating things. Art and music. poems. Stories. It’s fun, and it feels awesome to call something of your own. Although my Art teacher used to tell us that nothing we create is really an original creation, and everything is borrowed from the other art pieces we see. We just pick out and mix what we like and think works and we make it our own. We always get inspiration from something.

I think it’s been a while since I wrote about beautiful happy things. I was always just so focused on the sad parts. And beautiful sad things. Sad music can be beautiful, just like sad feelings.

Well actually listening to Olafur Arnalds’ music is making me feel pretty emo and sad now.

And with a title like ‘And they have escaped the weight of darkness’

I love that. I love how such a complicated idea like that can translate into sound waves.

It’s really amazing.


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