I remember I wanted to write about something last night but my essay got me to 2:20am and now I can’t remember what it was. Sigh. I think it was something good. Something happy. Oh yes. Before service I felt so tired and empty. And I didn’t help move the chairs. And ended up napping […]


Fallen from a tree on which it grew Seasons and years that went by A splash into the cold, salt-water waves And off it sails, alone. Some days it gets carried by the wind Some days the moon’s tides pull It lands ashore on a rock And there the night, it stays It has no […]

I won’t say that I didn’t feel disappointed. I mean, a little appreciation would have been nice. That’s why I stopped expecting anything. Or at least I tried to. But I still have that little inkling of want, I should just try to get rid of it completely. I’m not really sure, if there’s a […]

I found a boat

Well, it wasn’t really a matter of trying to clear my head of thoughts, but to make my thoughts clearer. Taking walks are really nice. Okay, so I intended for it to be a nice, cool, jog, but I gave up and walked instead because of a headache. (So fitness isn’t exactly my forte) It […]

Broken Bones

Breathlessness robs you of your sorrows Anger surges through your veins You don’t know where this blood is flowing You don’t really know where you’re going Then you’re left with broken bones Then you’re left feeling all alone You’d rather taste the salt in your mouth Than the bitterness inside your head It’s been a […]

It’s okay

I’m constantly trying to find a way out of this darkness. But I don’t realise that it’s where I’m meant to be. My world isn’t meant to be perfect. Why am I constantly drowning in all my own worries and thoughts and disappointments about how imperfect my world is? My world was meant to be dark […]

Thoughts on a thursday

The rush is real. Well okay, I still have my potato moments. Couch hopping and things. It really feels a lot emptier even though I’m stuffed full of things to do now. I think I know why. I’m kinda scared for next year. Having to juggle so many things. While trying to prepare to teach cell […]

It doesn’t matter 2

I guess it’s less of relying so much and more of just focusing on caring and showing love. I don’t have to rely on someone to love them. I don’t have to expect anything to love. And that’s what love is. I really like how C.S. Lewis explained the phrase, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.” […]