It doesn’t matter 2

I guess it’s less of relying so much and more of just focusing on caring and showing love.

I don’t have to rely on someone to love them.

I don’t have to expect anything to love.

And that’s what love is.

I really like how C.S. Lewis explained the phrase, “Love the sinner, hate the sin.”

How can we love a person when we hate what he’s doing?

And then he points out that it’s been exactly what we’ve been doing all our lives. No matter what bad we do we still love ourselves. Hence, love your neighbour as yourself.

So cool.

Anyways, yeah, I need to not expect the same kind of care and concern. That’s what I’ve been doing wrong.

Don’t give out love expecting the exact thing in return, or just for the sake of wanting it back. That can’t last.

And I’ll just be setting myself up for a great fall.

Instead, rely on God’s love.

Yes Rachel, stop looking in the wrong places.

It’s true though! When you expect less, a lot of things don’t matter.

And it’s a lot more peaceful, not worrying about things that don’t matter.


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