Thoughts on a thursday

The rush is real.

Well okay, I still have my potato moments. Couch hopping and things.

It really feels a lot emptier even though I’m stuffed full of things to do now.

I think I know why.

I’m kinda scared for next year. Having to juggle so many things.

While trying to prepare to teach cell this week, I realised how easy it was to get lazy and not give it my all. To rush through things so that I can get back to school work.

So I gave my entire night to preparation instead. I really can’t rush through what God would want me to do. What kind of attitude does that show? Of course I’m giving it my all now because this is the first time I’m doing this. But what would happen if I end up treating it like a routine thing and it loses its meaning? I don’t want that to happen. Ahhhhhh

Well I guess what Bro John said was kinda true, no one ever feels prepared to be a leader.

It’s a huge responsibility.

There’s this classmate of mine who keeps getting teased for being too Holy and things. I feel like I’m not doing anything about it. Okay it’s not the serious teasing and mocking, they’re friends, but sometimes I really don’t know how he may feel about it. I think it’s great that he managed to keep up who God is and stand up for truths even if people might mock him for being too serious about things. And being called pastor Matthew. I think I’ll go encourage him or something.

As for me, I think I need to make more effort in standing up for stuff too. My goal isn’t to blend in but to shine right? And direct that shininess to who God is. Not me. God.



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