It’s okay

I’m constantly trying to find a way out of this darkness.

But I don’t realise that it’s where I’m meant to be. My world isn’t meant to be perfect. Why am I constantly drowning in all my own worries and thoughts and disappointments about how imperfect my world is? My world was meant to be dark so that God could shine, and I could find Him. And also so that I could shine for Him.

Today, I heard

Set your eyes on me

I kept getting upset and disappointed from always focusing on how dark the world was that I forgot to set my eyes upon the Light that would guide me through it.

It’s okay to be in darkness, because He will be your light. It’s okay to be surrounded by monsters, because He will be your sword.

As you walk down this path, surrounded by shadows and fear, and uncertainty and doubts, of tall trees and cold winds, or things that lurk, and you never know when they’ll come. Don’t be afraid. It’s where you’re meant to be. Don’t occupy your mind with why you’re here, and what’s going to happen. Don’t fight all the wrong battles.

He will be your lamp and your fire, and as you walk, you might find a few others who are lost on the way.


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