I found a boat

Well, it wasn’t really a matter of trying to clear my head of thoughts, but to make my thoughts clearer.

Taking walks are really nice. Okay, so I intended for it to be a nice, cool, jog, but I gave up and walked instead because of a headache. (So fitness isn’t exactly my forte)

It felt like I was in deep murky water. And there were things floating everywhere and bumping into me. Some things drifted in view and I couldn’t see properly for a while. Sometimes I felt like I was drowning. Sometimes I felt nothing. And it felt like I never had clear waters to begin with. It wasn’t all dark, but it wasn’t all bright either. Probably the most important thing was that I didn’t know where I was going or where I was.

Today I took some effort to swim a little. I got too comfortable being in there. A place filled with things but yet meant nothing.

So I found a boat above me and got on it. I’m still in the murky water. But at least now I know where I’m going. I think. Follow the stars and things. It’s a lot fresher up here. And peaceful.


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