2015 and Victoria

Wow. Today was quite a day. I mean yesterday. Today’s 1:13am so. Originally planned to write about my feelings for this year first before next year, but since Ms faith just told me a whole lot about her plans for me next year, I think I’ll start with next year. I’m really excited!!!!!! I mean, […]

Desiring God

I’m really looking forward to reading this book bro john gave me! He hand-picked a book for each and every one of us, it’s so cool! He’s really someone I look up to as a leader, I hope next year I’d get to know my cell kids well enough that I’d be able to recommend […]

Strangers again

It’s weird isn’t it? How someone you thought you knew so well, how someone you thought knew you so well, could feel like a stranger in the end. People change. What if the person you knew doesn’t exist anymore? That’s kinda sad. You know how they say true friendship withstands all time. You could still […]

Crossroads again

I suddenly feel extremely empty. It’s weird, and kinda scary, how fast moods can change in just a day, actually it happens quite a lot. Feeling absolutely brilliant at the start and feeling a little weird in the afternoon and feeling as grey as the sky now. Just opened Wei Qian’s Christmas present after they […]

Patchwork Thoughts

I’m just wondering if I’ve changed a lot this year. Kinda makes me want to have a long conversation with myself at the start of this year. Won’t that be cool?? Being able to talk to yourself. Isn’t that kind of what I’m doing now though, talking to myself, yes Rachel that’s right you’ve been […]

Tai’s dream theory

I wonder if your dreams really show you something about your mind in the day. Well there are psychological theories. Like that neurocognitive dream theory or something like that. Recently, I hardly ever have those cool vivid dreams in some stranger place I’ve never been to before that’s totally bizzare and alien and I kind […]


When God uses my brokenness and my pain for something so, so beautiful I cannot feel more thankful enough for turning the broken clay into something that could hold the tears of another All in His goodness, all from His glory and in all in his work

Battles inside

You’d think I’d know better by now. And yet, here I am again, same place, same dark empty room, same holes inside. Tears that taste the same in my mouth like they did a year ago. How could I be so weak? I crumble with just a breath. What’s the use? How will I ever […]


I let it grow, twisted trunks and shrivelled leaves, Branches crack under high wind speeds Sail the boat out into sea Should I expect it to come back to me? Waves that tear its hull in two Split ends sail I’m just a fool Waiting on shores that never recede


Today was…just amazing. I can’t even imagine what I would have missed out on if I had closed away all hope of ever building bridges with people I’d never imagine I would. You know what’s beautiful? It’s when you get to catch a glimpse of a heart so open, so willing, so vulnerable, so amazing […]