Strangers again

It’s weird isn’t it?

How someone you thought you knew so well, how someone you thought knew you so well, could feel like a stranger in the end.

People change.

What if the person you knew doesn’t exist anymore? That’s kinda sad.

You know how they say true friendship withstands all time. You could still come back again and talk as if time never happened.

Samuel said this a few days ago:

Funny thing was that I was thinking to myself, “I haven’t whatsapped Rachel for a while”, Then I attributed it to us being close enough where we don’t have to talk much to still be friends

And I said that it hadn’t been thaaaat long, so you can’t really tell.

But I dunno. Now, I don’t think I believe in that anymore.

You have to still talk sometime. Exchange memories. Like Wei Qian. We talk every once in a while and that’s kinda healthy.

We still know what’s going on. We know how we’ve changed. I guess it’s these things that make her still feel like a really close friend.

Close friends talk all the time. Well okay, maybe if you’re really close a few months won’t hurt, but You don’t just go on a break for a year or two and expect to still feel comfortable being vulnerable and honest.

That’s why you have to meet up. Ketchup with each other over fries or something.

It doesn’t matter how close you were in the past.

Just as time heals all wounds, time breaks all bonds. Like that TV show ‘life after people’. After centuries even the strongest of buildings crumble and degrade into nothingness.

Or maybe I’m just being pessimistic.

But I can only watch from afar and wonder.


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