Today in lifespan psychology class, we covered death and dying. Ms Lindsay got all of us to write an eulogy for ourselves. And this was what I wrote: I’ve always thought that memories were the most treasured thing. And I thought that’d be what I want people to remember when I die. Memories. Of me. […]


It’s the adrenaline rushing through your veins from being king of the world. Liberties stream from lies that you don’t even know of. Tomorrow doesn’t exist, just live for today. That’s what they all say. You feel the high¬†when you’re actually¬†falling. You feel the thrill when you’re actually dying. Nothing has any meaning, yet everything […]

Looking Back

Looking back, it’s really cool to slowly see why things had to be a certain way, even if it wasn’t exactly pleasant. Things I thought were mistakes. Or thoughts of “it could be so much better than this.” And now I’m thankful. Thankful that there’s a reason behind every season, and a wind to guide […]


Maybe exhaustion is like sadness, It’s all just a matter of perspective, you know, like the less you think about it the less you feel it. I hope that works. Along with a warm shower. I just want to give it my all.

Mess of me

It’s this horrible feeling. I’m not sure what it is, and yet I think I know everything that’s causing it at the same time. That’s why I’m writing now, because I know when things hit me all in one go that it’s time to write. It’s a mess really. Inadequacy. I know I’m slipping away. […]

The U-Turn Sign

If you’re driving down the road thinking of the U-turn sign If you’re running down a race thinking of the end of the line – I say take a final look into the mirror Before you crash I say put that song on replay Before you burn in flames – Because the best lie you […]

Unexpected expectations

I wanted to write this down a few days back but never really got around to doing it. Don’t feel like doing work anyways. Friday, Ivy asked if she could go home with me, and I said, “Sure!” And Vic had Jap class. So it was just the two of us, and it had been […]


I’m just thinking about how grateful I am that I am here. I really don’t know what kind of a person I’d end up to become like if I hadn’t known God. How much of my life I would have wasted, searching for some reason to be alive. The mistakes I would have made. My […]

I know better

I think I’m okay now. Remembering that this isn’t the worst I’ve been through. And I know better than to stay that way. Whatever happens happens for a reason. I tried talking to God and felt stupid for being in a place where I promised not to go back to again. Help me to do […]