So I finally finished the first chapter of the book Bro John gave me.


When it said paradigm-shattering on the cover it really meant paradigm-shattering.

I remember writing about finding happiness in life a long time ago. At the start of school, during a lesson when we had to pick out our favourite quote.

I chose something along the lines of how life isn’t about finding happiness but in serving others.

Not that serving others is wrong.

Finding happiness isn’t wrong.

It’s nature. It’s what God intended.

Life is about finding happiness. But BUT –  It’s what we find happiness in that makes all the difference. Actually I don’t really like using the word happiness because it sounds more like a feeling. Joy is a better word. An attitude. So when I say happiness I really mean joy from now on. Because you can feel pain but still have Joy.

Anyways, it’s so easy to get caught up in the idea of ‘sacrifice’ and ‘duty’ that we forget the most important part. Joy in why you’re serving God and his people. God doesn’t want his people to serve with hearts that aren’t happy to. What’s the point in that?

“I’m doing this for God even though I don’t want to because my happiness doesn’t matter when it’s about doing God’s will. His wants, not mine.”

Sounds legit actually.

But that’s not something God would want from us. It’s not something you’d want to hear from someone you love dearly. You want that person to be happy.

And what’s so righteous about doing something we’re not happy to do for God? God’s perfectly fine without our help. He’s giving us this opportunity because he knows we can find true happiness in it. True happiness in Him.

In that sense, yes, life is about finding happiness. Life is about finding Him. It only makes sense. It sounds selfish because we take happiness as a worldly thing, when really happiness is a godly thing. it’s only when we are so easily satisfied with the worldly things that that sort of ‘happiness’ becomes a distorted version of what God intended for us to desire.

I’ve always been taught to be joyful.

I guess I’ve always had the wrong perspective of it.

I always thought it was wrong to want to do something because it makes you happy. Oh how very wrong I was.

Of course that isn’t wrong. When was the last time I truly examined that the reason behind why I wanted to serve God was because it made me happy?

I never really thought about it.

I always thought my own happiness was something that wasn’t to be regarded if I wanted to be ‘holier’ of sorts.

There’s no point in bitter servitude. There’s no such thing as a bitter love. Love is with the heart. The whole heart.

Now that I think about it, the only way you can be happy always is if you know God and love Him.

Because he is the only one that is for you and loves you all the same no matter what.

Of course I’ve talked a lot about our happiness.

The first chapter was all about God’s happiness actually.

It was quite baffling at first. I think this could be a whole other post so I’ll leave it to that.


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