Thing about being in a clique of 9 people, is that it’s really unsettling sometimes. This is the first time I’ve ever been involved in such things. Conflicts, mistrust, and stuff. And Samuel’s becoming extremely cynical about everyone lately. It’s like we sort of switched places and now I’m the one trying to convince him […]

The meadow

There is a place, that everyone is looking for, though they may or may not know it yet. It is a quiet field, however if you stay long enough, sometimes you might even hear the soft pattering of an antelope, or the mysterious almost melodious whispers of the wind rushing past your ears. It is […]

All these voices in my head I don’t know where they’re coming from I can’t tell anyone what they’re saying And it’s killing me My head feels like it’s going to explode One thought leads to the next Telling me how much of a worthless Burden Pathetic Useless It’s piling up And it feels like […]


You know what’s the saddest thing? If we all lost our own thoughts. If we forgot what it’s like to think on our own, reflect, create. I feel like I’m starting to lose my thoughts. I guess maybe I’ve felt too consumed by them that I thought they were a bad thing. But now that […]


I asked Victoria what’s wrong, And she said it was too dark for me. I don’t quite know what to feel about this. Sad. I think I’m sad. It’s funny. Sometimes I wish I could be a part of that darkness too. So I can understand. Not that I’ve never been in darkness, everyone has […]


There’s this song, Trojans by Atlas Genius, and there’s a line about having Trojans in your head. I feel like I have Trojans in my head. I’d probably write more about this when I figure them out more.

Dancing fire

Tongues of fire dance in front of you, Burning light reflecting off the tears in your eyes Enticing, drawing you closer. Beauty in a waltz of death It feels like it’s protecting you from the shadows And yet at the same time it burns you black I can tell you’ve been stuck for a very […]


There’s always that person you try to paint. A vivid masterpiece for all to see. Bright yellow smiles and deep red hearts Perfect brush strokes that you can never be Is it wrong to paint this picture of you? Spend your days fixing the lines Why can’t you stare at your lovely face Instead of […]


It hasn’t really hit me yet. I have two whole months to do anything I want to from today onwards. What do I want to do with two months? Okay striking off work and volunteering for the reading programme and REACH youth centre I have maybe 60% of two months left. Time slips by so […]