Our last social psychology tutorial was really cool.

Mr Tan got all of us to pick out 10 values from a list that we wanted to have, and to write each on a slip of paper.

Then we got into our groups and shared our values, and everyone would decide on which ones you already possessed and take them out from your list.

After that we had to pick three values we wanted to work on the most out of the pile not taken out by people, and the whole class gathered in a circle and we shared one of them.

“Share, firstly how you define that value, and secondly why you chose it.”

And it was cool how no one in our class had chosen the same value.

Let me try to remember what everyone chose.

Victoria chose freedom.
Nas chose respect.
Samuel Lum chose empathy.
Samuel Lau chose faith.
Vikki chose life.
Marina chose health.
Ivy chose humour. (In which everyone laughed)
Rochelle chose patience.
Dhanraj chose morality.
Angel chose loyalty
Zi Ying chose creativity
Genevieve chose accountability
Matthew chose responsibility
Caleb chose wisdom
Nervelle chose knowledge
I chose love.

ITS SO COOL. Like how we’re all so different. I really love my class.

This is just one of the classes I really want to remember from these 3 years.


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