It hasn’t really hit me yet.

I have two whole months to do anything I want to from today onwards.

What do I want to do with two months?

Okay striking off work and volunteering for the reading programme and REACH youth centre I have maybe 60% of two months left.

Time slips by so easily. And it’s usually gone before we even know it’s there. This time I want to make sure I know exactly how much I have to use.

I’ll start by not sleeping my mornings away. Or at least I’ll try to. OKAY I WILL. I will wake up by 8:30. Max. Tops. But I’ll try for 7:30am. I CAN DO THIS.

Also I want to spend more time reading.

It’s really been a long long time since I completed an entire book.

And spend less on food so I have more for books. Hah. Haha.

And exercise.

And writing. Of course.

And art. I actually have the time now!!!

Okay thinking of all these things is really getting me quite excited.





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