The meadow

There is a place, that everyone is looking for, though they may or may not know it yet.

It is a quiet field, however if you stay long enough, sometimes you might even hear the soft pattering of an antelope, or the mysterious almost melodious whispers of the wind rushing past your ears.

It is no bigger than a few yards, and every blade of grass glistens in the sun, bathed in morning dew that stays forever. A ring of giant pines circle round this field, like guardians, hand in hand, branches intertwining thickly towering the undergrowth, protecting the land.

Small flowers of all sorts of colours and sizes dot the land, colours quite foreign to that of the eyes of mankind. Each petal, perfect and pristine, feels like velvet under one’s fingertips.

It’s is a place with strange magic, old magic, as you enter the meadow emerging from the forest of trees, you’d find yourself filled with overwhelming peace, and joy. If you explore the meadow long enough, you might even find love.

Now you may be wondering how one could ever find such a place, well I’ll tell you now that you can. Anyone can find the path that leads to the meadow, no matter where you are. Even if you find yourself stuck in the most polluted of bustling cities, or by the sea soaking your feet in the hot sand, or even in the middle of the ocean, an island in isolation. You might have already guessed that this meadow is not quite of this world, but that is all that anyone will ever know, for this meadow has been here since the dawn of the universe, older than even the crust of the earth.

Now, though anyone may find it, not everyone will. The route you’d take to get there is a rather confusing, time consuming journey. You’d often find yourself taking the wrong road from time to time, and you’d have to walk through places you’d least expect. Everyone finds the meadow in their own way and in their own time. But if you search long and hard enough, you certainly will.


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