Talked to Gen today, and we talked about quite a lot of things. And we talked about losing ourselves. I told her about how there was a period of time when I felt happy all the time, and I made myself sad on purpose to get back that part of me that exists in sadness. […]


If it doesn’t break your heart it isn’t love This is a line from switchfoot’s yet. I really love this song, it feels like it understands. But I’m not quite too sure about this part. I asked Joni about it and I’m waiting for what she says. Anyways, let me try to make some sense […]

Wei Qian

Spent the morning with Wei Qian and she took out a box of her old dairies and let me read some of them. AND SHE NEVER LETS ME READ ANYTHING BEFORE! Most of them were just about the things she did daily, and many of them were memories that I’ve long since forgotten. The fact […]


Alone time seems pretty daunting now after all the days I’ve spent constantly with people this holiday. And it hasn’t really felt like much of a need of late. I wonder why some people just need to be alone sometimes and others thrive on company. Is it in our genes? Or something we grew up […]


I wonder how it feels like to die. A painless death, I mean. I don’t really want to know how it’s like to get stabbed right in the lungs. The very moment when your body isn’t yours anymore, when the air in your lungs become stale. Would it feel like falling asleep and immediately waking […]


Hearing my cell pair up and share their fears, their srtuggles and their sins is really really encouraging. And when they pray for each other too. Their voices, just together like that. I just feel so warm:D

Dream log #19?? #20??

The only thing I remember about this dream was that I was walking with Darren, and it was raining and he had an umbrella. And I was cold and shivering, he put an arm around me and it felt warm. It’s a bittersweet feeling. Yeah that’s the word, Bittersweet. Man it’s been so long since […]


I’m not the most honest of people. Why do I lie? I lie because I think I know better. I lie because of pride. Today I decided to drop a lie. Guilt is such an important feeling. It sucks to feel guilty, but it’s the only thing that flashes at us when we’re speeding way […]


Actually, being so caught up with protecting myself has probably made me forget to look out if I’m putting anyone in danger in the process. If I truly wanted to love, I’d be the last thing I’d think of, right? I have a feeling that love is mostly about sacrifice. Well at least when you […]