It has been really quite some time since I had some sort of tension with someone in a friendship.

Well, it lasted about a few minutes, but it still gave me this horrible feeling inside.

It was really all just a misunderstanding.

When Vic stopped telling me things, and she did have quite a lot of trouble, I stopped asking her because I thought I’d be annoying if I kept bugging her and I thought she needed space.

And it’s weird because I knew she was hiding a lot, and it felt kinda uncomfortable after a while.

Last night she told me that she felt like I was forgetting her and leaving her out of everything, and she was really mad.

And when I read that, I felt so scared. Because for the first time in so so long, I felt like I had this risk of losing a friendship that I really treasured. It felt like I was balancing a knife on my hand.

I told her I was glad she told me how she felt, because I didn’t know, and I told her how I felt too.

And slowly I felt us going back to how we were before, and she told me she’d tell me everything soon.

And I told her I was really sorry and that I loved her and she asked if I was gay.

I’m just really really grateful that this mess didn’t get even worse.


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