5 Years

I wonder how life will be like say 5 years from now.

I’d be………………………………………..23 years old. Well that took quite long for me to calculate.

But my mind was on other things to be fair.

Wow. 23. That’s about a quarter of my lifespan gone already o.0

5 years ago I’d be looking at 18 as crazy old.

Here I am though. And it feels surreal.

I don’t know why I’m thinking about the future now. I guess it’s because it feels more uncertain than ever. I try to imagine something but I just end up in a fog. And I find myself quickly returning to the present instead.

I wonder if 23 year-old Rachel will be anything like me now.

Just like how I’m nothing like who I was 5 years ago.

It’s kinda scary.

A lot of things can happen in 5 years, come to think of it.

okay that’s enough wondering.


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