Actually, being so caught up with protecting myself has probably made me forget to look out if I’m putting anyone in danger in the process.

If I truly wanted to love, I’d be the last thing I’d think of, right?

I have a feeling that love is mostly about sacrifice.

Well at least when you show it.

When a bit of you becomes less important and someone else, more so.

It’s when you sacrifice time, or money, or even pride, for someone else.

Sacrifice sounds like a bad word. You’d think of pain and stuff. It’s actually pretty strange now that I think of it. Biologically speaking, you know, survival of the fittest and all, love shouldn’t even exist. It doesn’t make sense. If the whole point of our existence was to survive, why would we love selflessly, or feel the need to, or think that it’s right?

That’s how natural selection works right, the strongest survive, they don’t give up their food for some weak species that can’t hunt for nuts (not literally).

I remember when I was younger, I tried testing myself to love more. And it’s like having two cookies, one slightly smashed and the other perfect. Inside, I’d be,”MAN I want that perfect cookie, and she doesn’t know that the other cookie is a bit smashed so she wouldn’t even know!”

And I’d force myself to give the perfect one instead.

It’s true though, even forcing yourself, you’ve already shown love by making that decision. It’s kinda cool how that works.

Love isn’t really that complicated huh.

Not saying that it’s easy.

It’s just not as complicated as the world puts it to be.


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