I wonder how it feels like to die.

A painless death, I mean. I don’t really want to know how it’s like to get stabbed right in the lungs.

The very moment when your body isn’t yours anymore, when the air in your lungs become stale.

Would it feel like falling asleep and immediately waking up to a dream that lasts forever?

Or would it feel as if you’d been drowning under water and suddenly reaching the surface for a gasp of air?

What would you wake up to?

Blinding light? A forest?

Would it really feel as if you were leaving your body? Would you feel as if you were light as air?

Haha. Maybe after being in another world, it might be hard to remember or imagine what being alive on earth felt like.

Feeling time pass by, always in just one state of mind. Feeling sadness or pain. Uncertainty. The idea of these things probably wouldn’t be able to exist in our minds.

Maybe it’s like the difference we can feel when you’re awake and about your daily business and when you’re dreaming. It feels absolutely real in a dream, you hardly doubt whether you are dreaming. But somehow when you’re awake, you know for certain that it’s not a dream. It’s a sort of consciousness that isn’t there in a dream. Perhaps it feels like that.

Or maybe we’d be even more conscious than ever.


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