Wei Qian

Spent the morning with Wei Qian and she took out a box of her old dairies and let me read some of them. AND SHE NEVER LETS ME READ ANYTHING BEFORE!

Most of them were just about the things she did daily, and many of them were memories that I’ve long since forgotten. The fact that Ms Anita’s boyfriend came along for our class BBQ during sec 1, and how much I spent on lunch. It was really fun to read.

These kinds of memories are really like a good bottle of wine. The older the more precious.

I wouldn’t really see much value in writing down what I ate for lunch today, who I talked with, the places I went. But it’d be so cool to read that say 10 years from now. I remembered things written down in 2010, and “wow”, I told her, looking at the date she’d written down, “it’s been 5 years!”

Where did all that time go.

I read some things that were really raw and honest, her feelings, emotions, anger, hatred.

And she wrote about me, quite a lot.

I never knew she felt that way towards me, I’m kinda flattered but also kinda sad she doesn’t see what’s special in her. Even though I tell her sometimes.

She is really quite unique.

You’d never meet anyone quite like her.

Well, you’d never really meet anyone quite like anybody once you get to know them so well.

I should describe my days more often. I hardly ever do, I think.


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