If it doesn’t break your heart it isn’t love

This is a line from switchfoot’s yet.

I really love this song, it feels like it understands.

But I’m not quite too sure about this part. I asked Joni about it and I’m waiting for what she says. Anyways, let me try to make some sense of it.

I guess it comes down to what the breaking of a heart means, right?

Just an emotional pain? Or the humbling of the heart? When you’re broken down and vulnerable? When you’ve lost yourself and your pride?

Jon foreman said it was a song about hope.

I’ve heard people say hope is a dangerous thing.

Hope destroys a man.

Things like that.

Unfounded hope, I guess, hope in the wrong things.

What am I hoping for?

And is it wrong?

Hope should only be in what’s certain, what’s promised, and the only thing that’s certain and truly promised is God.

His word.

Anything else, it’s probably toxic.


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