Sometimes my mind feels like a dense ball of tangled wires. The current flowing through the wires makes it overheat sometimes, and I try untangling them. But sometimes when I try pulling and tugging on the wires, they just end up tightening into more knots. And the heat starts to sting, and I don’t know […]

Dream Log #22

I’m on the bus, and I’m not quite sure what happened but I suddenly see Victoria sitting on a lecturer’s lap, and he starts breathing heavily in that predator sort of way and I punch him lightly to snap him out of it. I don’t remember what happened but I also had a dream in […]

Threading water

Ocean deep wandering Lost in the sun’s glare Warm embrace and gentle tug Of salt-water air Daring to thread the waters Of an unknown current Would you ride its waves Or dig your feet in the sand? Perhaps you’ve gone a little too far.


I realised something about helping people. It’s easy to help people who recognise you for your help, appreciate you, and thank you. It’s a warm, happy feeling, that makes you smile from the inside out, almost like a reward. You feel good about yourself when you help. And as with anything that gets a reward, […]

Dream log#21

I had a really weird dream, but I can only remember snippets of it. I think there was a lion, a small one, hiding in the corner and it protected me. And there was a house, nestled in some sort of vegetation. It was really open and made of wood. And in there I befriended […]


Baking today was really fun, well technically yesterday, since it’s past 12. I really felt like I could connect with all of them, and they all wanted to partner with me and I feel so happy hahaha. Haha. Ha. Apparently I’m cool. I wonder if I’d find who I am now cool if I were […]

False hope

Decided to take a walk at night. And I’m just looking up at the sky. It’s completely black, save for a sprinkle of lonely stars. It’s amazing. How vast this blackness is. I’m looking into space that goes on and on for millions of light years! It’s a really clear night and there aren’t any […]

I kinda don’t want to be weird and Emo anymore. I just want to be normal. Today I spent the entire day alone. I feel pretty okay. I’m trying to learn how to play the intro of ‘you’ve got a friend in me” on the piano and it’s taking quite a while. It’s the kind […]