False hope

Decided to take a walk at night.

And I’m just looking up at the sky. It’s completely black, save for a sprinkle of lonely stars.

It’s amazing. How vast this blackness is. I’m looking into space that goes on and on for millions of light years!

It’s a really clear night and there aren’t any clouds around.

I wish I were in complete darkness. Lying in a field. With the song ‘Berlin’ by RY X playing in my ears. (Or ‘All through the night’ by sleeping at last OR ‘into the dark’ by the lighthouse and the whaler. I do have a lot of songs like these don’t I?)

It’s amazing how solid darkness looks, but it’s the complete opposite. It looks like you could lie down on it, and it looks pretty hard and uncomfortable. But if you stare long enough, the illusion disappears and suddenly it feels as if you’re going to fall through forever.

The solidity disappears and you’re gone.

Kinda like false hope.


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