Baking today was really fun, well technically yesterday, since it’s past 12.

I really felt like I could connect with all of them, and they all wanted to partner with me and I feel so happy hahaha. Haha. Ha.

Apparently I’m cool.

I wonder if I’d find who I am now cool if I were their age. None of my friends think I’m cool:(

If I do manage to become a social worker, I think I really want to work with youths. I realise I’m not very good at being motherly to young children. And that’s why my kid at Reading Odyssey doesn’t really obey me because I talk to Him more like a brother than a mom.

You know, how your voice has to go all high and nurturing, as if you were telling a fairy tale story throughout.

And it has a funny accent to it. Still trying to master it without feeling weird.

I guess I find it easier connecting with people if I’m on the same level.

And it’s really easy to be on the same level with youths.

Well, at least until I reach a ripe old age of where I have absolutely zero awareness of what’s cool and what’s not.

I really want to find out what I’m good at.


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