Dream log#21

I had a really weird dream, but I can only remember snippets of it.

I think there was a lion, a small one, hiding in the corner and it protected me.

And there was a house, nestled in some sort of vegetation. It was really open and made of wood. And in there I befriended some people who didn’t have a home to sleep in, and they slept there.

One lady gave me a mug of this sweet cloudy water that tasted like rice. Oh maybe it was barley. But it didn’t taste quite like it either.

And I was walking down a road at night, and I bumped into this lady, and she told me she wants to go to a family service centre and that the ones at Choa Chu Kang didn’t help and so i brought her to REACH.

There’s a lot more I forgot:(

I hardly get dreams anymore, it’s quite sad.

I think it’s 21, I’m not quite sure of that. Well let’s just put it as 21.


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