Positivity beam


I just want to keep this here because these words are so precious to me but I can’t copy paste them:/

Anyways. I want to write about it.

Vic’s gone off to her new course now, she seems to be doing okay for a first day.

I never really knew she felt that way towards me. Vic isn’t exactly the most affectionate of all people, and this level of affection just blows my mind. But I’m really happy:D Oh I should probably write down how she posted this in case I need a bit of reminder 10 years down the road.

Vic sent me a photo and asked for ideas on what to caption it. It was a photo of a road, with people on it, and it kinda disappears into the far end point.

And I told her it looked like it could be something about people.

How life is like a road, and some people you meet every once in a while, some you meet just once and you never see them again, and others walk with you the entire way.

Either that or something like : what would you find at the end of the road?? *gasp*

I like how she asks me about what photos could mean. And how we add on to each other’s ideas and thoughts. I feel like some art critic dabbling in philosophy.

And when I saw her post It took me completely by surprise and I was eating dinner at the time just casually scrolling.

And my heart exploded into a flutter of warmth and shock.

I’m not sure how I’ll feel when school starts for me next week.

Perhaps a sort of emptiness. Something missing.

I’ve already written about this, but now that it’s really going to come soon, I can feel it now.

I’ve only been friends with her for a few months. Less than half a year even. It feels quite amazing that we could be friends in such a short amount of time.

This semester, I want to get to know other people better.

I’ll take it as a chance for that.

Positivity beam fwooosh pew pew pew di di


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