Pocket of time

Listening to a song while staring at the floor of the train, watching the sun flash its flickering light in-between passing shadows. Everything kind of seems to glow, everything defined by a line of white. And I’m sitting next to a little toddler who has a brilliant smile, wide bright eyes. And he smiles at […]


Last Sunday, I met up with Vic, and she told me she bought her first packet of cigarettes. And I watched her smoke for a few minutes. I feel like I will never see smokers the same way again. You know how something doesn’t seem as strange anymore when someone you know does it? Vic […]

Always and Never

I realise I never really wrote anything after that night when I sought closure. I think I was a little scared. Because honestly, I’m probably burying a lot of feelings and thoughts. But I think I want to finally dig them out and seek my own closure. How do I feel? I guess a word […]

Untitled (for now)

When I woke up, The first thing I saw was the night sky. It was pitch black, and it looked as if it were suffocating the few stars that managed to shine through. I felt like there was more to it than that. There should have been more. Somehow I knew. The air was cold, […]


Things would be so much easier if you could look through another person’s eyes. See everything they see. Feel everything they feel. To truly know. Sometimes it’s so hard to reach someone. No matter what you say, or do, it just doesn’t get past. How do you get through these┬ámany walls, hiding a person inside, […]

Dream log #23

I’m in a shopping mall with my parents, and a crowd is gathered around an art exhibition. An animation is projected onto the floor. It’s style was simple, kind of 3D-ish. There is a faceless man in a room, that was sort of divided into two. The first half of the room had a noose […]


During tuition today, she showed me a wrist full of cuts. Well more than the wrist: almost the entire length of her arm. Slash after slash after slash. Some people say that doing it just for attention isn’t as serious as a displacement of emotional pain. Attention sounds like such a shallow thing, and I […]


Honestly, I think I hide a lot of things from myself, and I tell lies to myself. Why do I even do that? How is it even possible to lie to yourself? It’s like we’re made up of two separate consciousness. It hurts when you realise that someone has lied to you. I think it […]


Perspectives are a very powerful thing. It could make you blind, letting you see only what you want to see. It could make things clear, letting you realise things you’ve never realised before. I feel like everything is clear now. And I’m grateful for that.