Dream log #23

I’m in a shopping mall with my parents, and a crowd is gathered around an art exhibition.

An animation is projected onto the floor. It’s style was simple, kind of 3D-ish.

There is a faceless man in a room, that was sort of divided into two. The first half of the room had a noose hanging from the ceiling and a chair, the second half had a spinning blade.

He had to choose whether he would hang himself, or be lowered down slowly into the spinning blade.

And the man stood on the chair for a while, holding the noose over his head, but then there was a cut and he was lowered into the blade instead.

Watching that I think I almost puked. Seeing bits of his animated body smashed into smithereens,
Blended almost. Head last.

The video was on a loop, and it started again, showing a group of students taking a test.

I wonder why the guy chose being dismembered.

Maybe there was something more than that. Maybe he was told that by choosing the blades he would save the others who would enter that room.

The thought of me being in that room still makes me feel like throwing up.

But I guess it’s on situations like these where you find out what you’re really made of.


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