During tuition today, she showed me a wrist full of cuts. Well more than the wrist: almost the entire length of her arm.

Slash after slash after slash.

Some people say that doing it just for attention isn’t as serious as a displacement of emotional pain.

Attention sounds like such a shallow thing, and I used to think that, but after hearing stories and meeting people for myself, I realise how it drives a lot of things that we do.

It’s a need to feel like you exist. That people see you. It’s a need to feel human.

Today was fun though. I really love teaching science. By science I mean biology because I suck at the rest haha. Ha.

And a bit of math. Everyone needs help in math. RACHEL TEACHING MATH?!?! You know honestly, I have a theory that people who knew what it was like to suck in math are actually better at teaching it. It’s like how we’d understand how some math stuff really just can’t be understood just like that. And we’d use unconventional ways to get the message across. Or maybe I’m just making this up to give me a confidence boost.

Okay I have to sleep.

But today was a good day:D


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