Untitled (for now)

When I woke up, The first thing I saw was the night sky. It was pitch black, and it looked as if it were suffocating the few stars that managed to shine through. I felt like there was more to it than that. There should have been more.

Somehow I knew.

The air was cold, and I was lying on my back, the sharp ends of damp grass blades prickling my skin. I lay there for a while, still in a daze as I took deep breaths to focus my vision. And when I realised that was as clear as it got, I sat upright, propping myself on an elbow. Surrounding me, enclosing me, were the silhouettes of tall, looming trees, and darkness weaved through their trunks into the depths of what lurked beyond the furthest I could see. It felt like exactly just that as I sat there and thought long and hard, searching into the depths of my memory.

But It was all I could see, and it was all I knew.

Honestly hope I’ll come to the end of this one. It’ll probably take me a few years.


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