Last Sunday, I met up with Vic, and she told me she bought her first packet of cigarettes.

And I watched her smoke for a few minutes. I feel like I will never see smokers the same way again.

You know how something doesn’t seem as strange anymore when someone you know does it? Vic made smoking a cigarette look like she was just popping a tic tac into her mouth.

And I held a cigarette for the first time in my life. It felt so strange, and foreign. I sniffed it (unlit, of course) and it smelt like sweet, spicy, tea leaves. I guess that’s what tobacco smells like.

Should I have tried harder to stop her? I don’t know, she knows I don’t want her to smoke. She knows why it’s bad and she doesn’t care. I’ve told her what I think. But it’s her choice in the end. And I didn’t want to interfere in her choices. It sounds like I’m defending myself, well, maybe I am. Maybe I feel guilty for not trying to shove the whole pack into the bin.

But I don’t think she’s going to keep at it.

Honestly, I was really tempted to try it and see exactly what it feels like. She said it was really soothing and menthol-ish, and it cleared her nose and throat.

That kinda sounds like woods cough syrup. So I’ll just take it as that’s how it’d feel like.



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