Dream log #25

There’s a huge wedding of this extremely rich and obnoxious man, and he looked Northern Indian. For some reason their wedding was held in an old city in japan. They were being carried around on large structures and they sat on them like royalty. But suddenly there’s a commotion and people started running. The man […]


I think it’s come to a point where I feel completely numb to all these things that I have to do. I don’t even feel the stress anymore. And I don’t think I feel any passion either. I’m just going about it doing whatever I can and hope that it’s enough. It’s kinda sad, but […]


Sometimes I get to see a reflection that’s clear When my own fingers hover inches off the surface When the ripples of my disturbance slowly fade away, I get to see that distortion is a lie and pretty is just a name

Hold on

You know how they say the person who could make you the happiest could also make you suffer the worst pain? It feels quite scary holding onto someone’s vulnerability. Especially if you’re holding onto many things at once. What if you accidentally trip? And it comes slipping from your grasp? Sometimes I’m just afraid of […]

Dream Log #can’t remember

I heard some crackling sound and woke up, looked at the floor on my bedside and found this cockroach squirting out mucus and gas all over the floor. But that wasn’t it, because a whole colony of baby cockroaches started coming out from it and I screamed and screamed for my parents, “Mummy!”, “Daddy!” Over […]

But God, as I thought more about it, I’m just really thankful that at the very least, you’ve place people around me so that I wouldn’t be completely alone. I guess I should be thankful for this breaking point, because it might have just saved me from something worse.


bursting at the seams sometimes. I need someone to sew them back. Help me, God, to not destroy myself, or friendships with those around me in the end, the worst thing is that I have no one to blame except for myself.

It’s our fault

When someone says ,”it’s my fault not yours.” Honestly, that would make you feel even worse wouldn’t it? Because in every conflict I’m sure it goes both ways. (Unless the other person left the heater on for too long and the electricity bill explodes) And usually I’d be the first to be passive aggressive and […]


I was working on my essay when suddenly my phone rang and her┬áname flashed on my screen and I was in shock because it was 11:30pm. When I picked up she asked me about class tomorrow, but suddenly she broke into soft sobs and I kinda think I knew what happened. Hearing her, my heart […]