Dream Log #can’t remember

I heard some crackling sound and woke up, looked at the floor on my bedside and found this cockroach squirting out mucus and gas all over the floor.

But that wasn’t it, because a whole colony of baby cockroaches started coming out from it and I screamed and screamed for my parents, “Mummy!”, “Daddy!” Over and over again but the door was closed so it would have been hard for me to hear them.

Then I couldn’t take it anymore, jumped out of bed and bolted out of my room and into theirs but that was when I woke up, still checking if my room had any cockroaches.

I realise, at the most desparate of situations I used to call my parents, scream for them, cry for them, but now I realise I don’t do that anymore.

Now I try my best to keep my cries hidden, my tears hidden. I’d cover my mouth and try not to scream.

When did it all become like this?


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