Hold on

You know how they say the person who could make you the happiest could also make you suffer the worst pain?

It feels quite scary holding onto someone’s vulnerability.

Especially if you’re holding onto many things at once.

What if you accidentally trip? And it comes slipping from your grasp?

Sometimes I’m just afraid of what I can inflict with what I hold.

And sometimes I don’t even know the extent of how much I’m holding.

I probably need to do a reality check.

And also, I don’t dare to put myself in that state of vulnerability again. it’s stupid, it’s stupid, it’s really dumb.

I know.

I just realised, it’s really kinda like a switch.

Just that, I won’t make the mistake of giving up, letting go, feeling overwhelmed and scared.

I’ll embrace it. I’ll love it. I won’t push it away because of my selfishness.

I will not be afraid.

I know how you feel, I really do. I think I was there once.

Somehow I’ll get over this and it’ll be okay.

I can’t bear to lose you knowing I was too late.

Yeah, you shouldn’t hold onto the thing so dear to you that lightly. You should grasp onto it tightly, you should never let it go. You should keep it so snug in your arms that it’ll always feel safe, and that it’ll never be afraid of falling in shattered pieces to the ground. It doesn’t deserve any less.


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