Dream log #25

There’s a huge wedding of this extremely rich and obnoxious man, and he looked Northern Indian. For some reason their wedding was held in an old city in japan.

They were being carried around on large structures and they sat on them like royalty. But suddenly there’s a commotion and people started running. The man was then told that they would carry him over to the commotion to handle it since he was in charge, but he was a coward and wanted to run away at first. His wife was pretty disgusted with him.

Anyways they rush him over to the largest temple hall in the middle of the place, and there was a big crowd in it, everyone wielding some sort of weapon. In the middle of the hall was this gigantic stone structure, it looked kinda like a mix of a lion, a tiger and an African tribe symbol.

It spoke something in a really deep, resounding growl, and it rang pure evil.

I think the man went and took the largest weapon he could find in the temple, it was this large wooden sword. But at this point my dream didn’t follow him any more and I was an actual physical presence in it.

This monster was really viscous, and a brave man charged up to him with his wooden stick, but the only thing I saw from amongst the crowd was his limp figure flying into the air and landing with a dead thud on the floor.

From that moment, in my head, I desperately wanted to be a hero and give killing the monster a shot, but then I was too much of a coward, and I ended up trying my best to not be seen by the monster. I hid behind the temple curtains, behind pillars, crouched down so low, while people started trying to kill the thing.

The ones who did met with the same fate as the first.

I managed to sneak out of the temple hall, and outside, it was completely empty. I looked back inside and the temple hall was suddenly completely empty as well.

I was alone, and when I looked closely, there were other such stone statues moving around, and from the corner of my eye I saw the very same lion tiger one, looking at me.

I ran, hoping it didn’t see me, because it wanted to kill the last surviving human but I knew that it was laughing at me and my foolishness.

That was when I woke up.


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