Glorious light

Had a little revelation during Samuel’s baptism today. Which kinda stems from the sermon I watched on YouTube by Lecrae on Friday night (or rather Saturday morning at 2) It was about the glory of God, and how our entire existence is all for it. Some people would take it the wrong way, they’d think […]


In the warmth it never will seem like these flames will flicker into ashes in the sky You would have never imagined that one day these things will die When snow melts into water that runs away And petals fall to the ground one day When things in people’s hearts start to fade When they forget […]


Today I just didn’t want to listen to music, and I never thought that there’d be a day like that. I guess it’s only when the thoughts in my mind are loud enough, and music will just make it chaotic inside. Music fills up your mind with thoughts. Or feelings in a way I guess. […]

Empty vessel

It’s been a long time since I went to a funeral. And it felt quite weird. Okay maybe the word is surreal. Hearing people read eulogies, and bursting out into tears, and when everyone was singing hymns, it didn’t feel real. And standing so close to something that isn’t alive anymore. I tried imagining if […]